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Booster CLI

Booster CLI is a command line interface that helps you to create, develop, and deploy your Booster applications. It is built with Node.js and published to NPM through the package @boostercloud/cli . You can install it using any compatible package manager. If you want to contribute to the project, you will also need to clone the GitHub repository and compile the source code.


The preferred way to install the Booster CLI is through NPM. You can install it following the instructions in the Node.js website.

Once you have NPM installed, you can install the Booster CLI by running this command:

npm install -g @boostercloud/cli


Once the installation is finished, you will have the boost command available in your terminal. You can run it to see the help message.


You can also run boost --help to get the same output.

Command Overview

new:projectCreates a new Booster project in a new directory
new:commandCreates a new command in the project
new:entityCreates a new entity in the project
new:eventCreates a new event in the project
new:event-handlerCreates a new event handler in the project
new:read-modelCreates a new read model in the project
new:scheduled-commandCreates a new scheduled command in the project
start -e <environment>Starts the project in development mode
buildBuilds the project
deploy -e <environment>Deploys the project to the cloud
nukeDeletes all the resources created by the deploy command