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Booster provides a way to refresh the value of an entity and update the corresponding ReadModels that depend on it. This functionality is useful when a new projection is added to a ReadModel and you want to apply it retroactively to the events that have already occurred. It is also helpful when there was an error when calculating a ReadModel or when the snapshot of an entity was not generated.

To migrate an existing entity to a new version, you need to call BoosterTouchEntityHandler.touchEntity to touch entities. For example, this command will touch all the entities of the class Cart.:

import { Booster, BoosterTouchEntityHandler, Command } from '@boostercloud/framework-core'
import { Register } from '@boostercloud/framework-types'
import { Cart } from '../entities/cart'

authorize: 'all',
export class TouchCommand {
public constructor() {}

public static async handle(_command: TouchCommand, _register: Register): Promise<void> {
const entitiesIdsResult = await Booster.entitiesIDs('Cart', 500, undefined)
const paginatedEntityIdResults = entitiesIdsResult.items
const carts = await Promise.all( (entity) => await Booster.entity(Cart, entity.entityID))
if (!carts || carts.length === 0) {
await Promise.all( (cart) => {
const validCart = cart!
await BoosterTouchEntityHandler.touchEntity('Cart',
console.log('Touched', validCart)

Please note that touching entities is an advanced feature that should be used with caution and only when necessary. It may affect your application performance and consistency if not used properly.