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Static Sites Rocket

This package is a configurable Booster rocket to add static site deployment to your Booster applications. It uploads your root.


Install this package as a dev dependency in your Booster project (It's a dev dependency because it's only used during deployment, but we don't want this code to be uploaded to the project lambdas)

npm install --save-dev @boostercloud/rocket-static-sites-aws-infrastructure

In your Booster config file, pass a RocketDescriptor in the config.rockets array to configuring the static site rocket:

import { Booster } from '@boostercloud/framework-core'
import { BoosterConfig } from '@boostercloud/framework-types'

Booster.configure('development', (config: BoosterConfig): void => {
config.appName = 'my-store'
config.rockets = [
packageName: '@boostercloud/rocket-static-sites-aws-infrastructure',
parameters: {
bucketName: 'test-bucket-name', // Required
rootPath: './frontend/dist', // Defaults to ./public
indexFile: 'main.html', // File to render when users access the CLoudFormation URL. Defaults to index.html
errorFile: 'error.html', // File to render when there's an error. Defaults to 404.html