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Backup Booster Rocket

This rocket adds backup capabilities to your Booster DynamoDB tables using the point-in-time recovery feature or the on-demand one.

After enabling this rocket, all DynamoDB tables generated by Booster Framework (read-models, event-stores, subscription store...) will be automatically backed up.


GitHub Repo

Disclaimer: As of the date of developing this rocket, and in the latest CDK version (1.85), the export to S3 feature is not available. That means that if you want to get advantage of this feature, you'll have to do it by using the AWS console or AWS CLI, until we can update this rocket with that feature.


Install this package as a dev dependency in your Booster project:

npm install --save-dev @boostercloud/rocket-backup-aws-infrastructure

In your Booster config file, pass a RocketDescriptor array to the AWS' Provider initializer configuring the backup rocket:

import { Booster } from '@boostercloud/framework-core'
import { BoosterConfig } from '@boostercloud/framework-types'
import * as AWS from '@boostercloud/framework-provider-aws'

Booster.configure('development', (config: BoosterConfig): void => {
config.appName = 'my-store'
config.provider = Provider([{
packageName: '@boostercloud/rocket-backup-aws-infrastructure',
parameters: {
backupType: 'ON_DEMAND', // or 'POINT_IN_TIME'
// onDemandBackupRules is optional and uses cron notation. Cron params are all optional too.
onDemandBackupRules: {
minute: '30',
hour: '3',
day: '15',
month: '5',
weekDay: '4', // Weekday is also supported, but can't be set along with 'day' parameter
year: '2077',