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Customizing CLI resource templates

You can change what the newly created Booster resources will contain by customizing the resource template files.

To do this, you first need to publish the resource templates by running the boost stub:publish command. This will create a folder stubs in the root directory of the project, and it will contain all the resources that you can customize:

├─ command.stub
├─ entity.stub
├─ event.stub
├─ event-handler.stub
├─ read-model.stub
├─ scheduled-command.stub
└─ type.stub

After that, Booster CLI will start using your local templates instead of the default ones. Let's try this by adding a simple comment to the type.stub file.

// Look I am a comment that will now appear in every new type file 🐙
export class {{{ name }}} {
public constructor(
public {{{name}}}: {{{type}}},
) {}

Now if you run boost new:type CartItem --fields sku:string command, you will get common/cart-item.ts file with following content:

// Look I am a comment that will now appear in every new type file 🐙
export class CartItem {
public constructor(
public sku: string,
) {}

You did it, we just updated our resource template file! Now when you run `boost new:type', it will contain the comment you added earlier 🚀 Of course, this is a simple example, and you may want to add new methods, import something, you name it!

Here are some answers to questions you may have:


Can I have only one stub for a certain resource?

Yes! The resource generator will check if you have a custom template or it will use the default template

How can I keep up with new template updates?
  1. Run boost stub:publish --force command
  2. Review changes
  3. Done!
Can I adjust the command template and leave the other resources as they are?

Yes. You can only have the command.stub file in the /stubs folder and customize it. The generator will use the default templates for the other resources.

How can I use the default templates again!?

Simply delete the /stubs folder or a specific resource file.

What are these strange name, #fields, etc. things????

These are the variables and sections used by the mustache.js templating engine. They allow us to dynamically generate new resources.

How do I change what new:project command generates?

At the moment there is no way to do this. But in the future we will move the new project template from the CLI package( ), and then you will be able to create and use your own templates for new projects.

I have another question!

You can ask questions on our Discord channel or create discussion on Github.