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BEEP 2 - Target and User Persona

· 3 min read
Nick Tchayka


This document defines the target audience and user persona for the Booster Framework project, aligning it with its current usage and user base.

While maintaining a focus on guiding the design and development process of the Booster Framework, this definition is not an exclusionary rule but a strategic tool for decision-making. The framework is inclusive and welcomes a diverse range of users, though particular emphasis is placed on specific user groups in design and functionality.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for the Booster Framework is developers in large-scale enterprise environments, familiar with enterprise technologies like Java, .NET, or similar. This includes those working in Fortune 500 companies, especially those transitioning from traditional enterprise technologies to TypeScript in complex projects such as financial transactions.

Additionally, the Booster Framework is gaining traction among hobbyist developers for personal projects, thanks to its ease of use and efficient learning curve. This secondary audience appreciates the framework for its quick setup, minimal configuration, and straightforward deployment, which are ideal for smaller-scale, personal projects.

Who's not the target audience

  • Developers deeply invested in exploring advanced theoretical concepts in programming without practical application.
  • Those who prefer frameworks with a steep learning curve or require extensive configuration.

User Persona

Primary Persona: Enterprise Developer

  • Name: Aarya
  • Role: Senior Enterprise Software Developer

Actions, Motivations, and Pains

  • What do I do?
    • Work on large-scale TypeScript projects, transitioning from a background in traditional enterprise technologies.
    • Develop robust applications for sectors like finance, requiring high security and reliability.
  • Why do I do it?
    • To apply my experience in enterprise technologies in new, dynamic environments.
    • To contribute significantly to business-critical projects.
  • What do I want?
    • A framework that bridges my existing knowledge with modern development practices.
    • Tools that ensure efficiency, security, and compatibility with enterprise standards.
  • What's stopping me?
    • Adapting to new technologies while maintaining high standards of enterprise development.
    • Balancing rapid development with regulatory and security requirements.

Secondary Persona: Hobbyist Developer

  • Name: Navin
  • Role: Hobbyist Developer

Actions, Motivations, and Pains

  • What do I do?
    • Develop personal projects in my spare time, exploring new technologies and ideas.
    • Seek tools that enable quick and easy project setup and deployment.
  • Why do I do it?
    • To learn new skills and stay updated with the latest technology trends.
    • To bring personal project ideas to life efficiently.
  • What do I want?
    • A user-friendly framework that doesn't require extensive setup or configuration.
    • Resources that help me quickly understand and apply the framework.
  • What's stopping me?
    • Overly complex tools that require significant time investment to learn.
    • Lack of clear, beginner-friendly documentation and community support.


This document outlines the dual focus of the Booster Framework's target audience and user personas. Our development and design efforts are directed towards supporting both the enterprise developers transitioning from traditional technologies to TypeScript, and the growing community of hobbyist developers seeking an accessible and easy-to-use framework for personal projects. This approach ensures the Booster Framework remains versatile and relevant across different scales and scopes of software development.